Membership Application

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NONL Membership

Nursing leadership roles include, but are not limited to:
o Executive leadership
o Clinical care leadership
o Staff education
o Development and engagement
o Case/care management
o Information technology
o Academic appointment
o Quality and data analytics
o Bedside clinical experts
o Shift leadership
o Retired nurse leaders
o Consultants in nursing

Membership options
o Full Members of NONL are Registered Nurses (RN). This includes nurses in all health care environments who hold, aspire to hold or function in a leadership role. All licensed RNs are eligible for membership.
o Student Members of NONL are full time, pre-licensure nursing students.
o Affiliate Members of NONL are not Registered Nurses but support the mission and vision of NONL. The affiliate members’ purposes, goals and initiatives must be consistent with and supportive of NONL’s purposes, goals and initiatives. Affiliate memberships may require approval by NONL state board.
o Membership term – 12 months from the month of enrollment.