State Officer Information Effective January 2018

President:   Judy Jesz

Past President:  Pam Uhlir

Secretary Treasurer: Rose Leavitt

State NONL board member liaison Judy McGee 

State Officers with Contact Information


District 1 District 2 District 3
*Past President: Cindy Costanzo Past President: Nicole Blaser *Past President: Dana Steiner
*President: Judy Jesz *President: Katie Peterson *President: Nicole Thorell
Treasurer: Jan Morgan *President Elect: Treasurer: Dana Steiner
*Secretary: Jodi Spale *Secretary/Treasurer: Carol Kampschnieder *Secretary: Shelly Amsberry
*Representative to State: Jan Wintle *Representative to State: Linda Walline *Representative to State:

*Denotes state board member


District 1:

Judy Jesz  402-238-6943

Cindy Costanzo 402-203-6946

Jan Wintle

Jodi Spale


District 2:

Nicole Blaser: 402-562-3374

Carol Kampschnieder: 402-372-6723

Katie Peterson:


District 3:

Nicole Thorell:

Dana Steiner: 308-324-5651

Shelly Amsberry: