Why Join N.O.N.L.?


Nebraska Organization of Nurse Leaders (N.O.N.L.) is a nonprofit organization that allows Nebraska nurse leaders to network with others in the state to share knowledge and expertise and provides connections to national and state resources and information.  N.O.N.L. is affiliated with the American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) and the Nebraska Hospital Association (NHA).  N.O.N.L. promotes leadership to shape health policy and nursing education.  Nurse leaders are accountable for many responsibilities.  With all the changes in the nursing, it is vital to participate in N.O.N.L. to stay updated through education via conferences and this website.  It’s up to you to take charge of the future of healthcare.  Join N.O.N.L. today!  

What are the Benefits of N.O.N.L. Membership?

  •    Entitles you to participate in district and statewide activities.
  •    Provides an opportunity for networking with other Nurse leaders in your district, state and region.
  •    Provides a forum for information sharing and learning.
  •    Provides a means for discussing and having a voice regarding legislative issues which impact health care.
  •    Provides educational opportunities which are of importance to the Nurse leader.
  •    Provides scholarship opportunities.
  •    Provides opportunities to join Nurse leaders in promoting Nursing as a career choice.
  •    Provides access to N.O.N.L. web site information.
  •    Provides information on national issues through an affiliation agreement with the American Organization of Nurse Executives.
  •    Allows for active member involvement through office appointments and committees.

Types of Memberships

  • Full Memberships

Full members of NONL shall consist of Registered Nurses leaders or aspiring leaders. This includes RN’s who hold an organizational role of administration/ management and who are accountable for strategic, operational and/or management performance in health care organizations; consultants in nursing administration/management practice; persons working in professional associations, regulatory agencies and/or accrediting health care organizations, retired full members, editors of professional nursing journals; nursing faculty members, Deans or Directors of Nursing programs and executive directors of NONL/AONE.

  • Student Memberships

Student members of NONL are full time, pre-licensure nursing students.They may attend NONL business and educational meetings but may not vote or be officers in elected positions of NONL.

  • Affiliate Memberships

Affiliate members of NONL shall consist of representatives of organizations/businesses that we have a relationship with, such as legislators, vendors, service providers, recruiters, etc. (Member’s application must be approved by NONL Board.) They may attend NONL business and educational meetings but will not be officers in or vote for elected positions of NONL.

  • Honorary Memberships 

Honorary membership is conferred on retired full NONL members upon recommendation and action by the Board of Directors.  Once conferred, honorary members are entitled to all rights and privileges of full members for life.  NONL dues are waived for all honorary members.

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