The Nebraska Organization of Nurse Leaders (NONL) is affiliated with the American Organization of Nurse Executives and the Nebraska Hospital Association. NONL focuses on nursing leadership and leadership development. This is accomplished through mentoring, networking, education, conferences and collaborative partnering with other state, regional, and national healthcare organizations/associations across the continuum of care. We serve as a central repository for evidence-based leadership research and supporting data. Our members include emerging, seasoned, and retired nurse leaders from acute and community-based venues as well as the academic world. We willingly share wisdom and embrace innovation and diversity. We are dedicated supporters of the Nebraska Action Coalition’s Advancing Nursing Leadership Team and actively dedicate time, treasure, talent, and leadership expertise to achieve team goals and objectives.

  • Provides a collective voice for issues involving nurses, patient care, and the health and well-being of all Nebraskans in collaboration with the Nebraska Nurses Association and the Nebraska Hospital Association.
  • Provides access to information from American Organization of Nurse Executives (A.O.N.E.).
  • Provides access and support to Nursing leaders/aspiring leaders in the State.
  • Represents nursing leadership with the ultimate goal of providing effective patient care.
  • Provides a medium for the interchange of ideas and dissemination of information.
  • Provides a platform for Nursing leaders/aspiring leaders to speak in a unified voice.
  • Provides consultation and direction on matters relating to nursing and health care issues.
  • Identifies and defines health care issues that affect nursing and establishes position statements.
  • Promotes educational programs and activities to strengthen and enhance the capacity of Nursing leaders/aspiring leaders to direct patient care.
  • Provides programs to enhance the interchange of ideas and aid in professional growth and development.
  • Supports nursing research activities


NONL History

NONL first organized as the Council of Nurse Middle Managers under the Nebraska Hospital Association (NHA) in 1985. The first meeting was held at Methodist Hospital. This group later merged with the fledgling Nebraska Organization of Nurse Executives (NONE) which was an affiliate of the American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE). Since 1967,  AONE has provided leadership, professional development, advocacy, and research to advance nursing practice and patient care, promote nursing leadership excellence, and shape public policy for health care nationwide. AONE is a subsidiary of the American Hospital Association. Originally, the organization was known as NONE (Nebraska Organization of Nurse Executives). The targeted membership was primarily “directors of nursing” from statewide hospitals.

Over time, the mission and focus of AONE expanded to include nurse leaders from any field of nursing. Nebraska and other AONE state affiliates felt a name change was needed to reflect this change. NONE became the Nebraska Organization of Nurse Leaders (NONL). Nursing students, as emerging leaders, were also welcome to join.

The original NONE was divided into five districts, which were the same as the hospital association districts. Each district operated independently with their own board, set of bylaws, meeting schedules, and memberships. They were overseen by the state NONE board which consisted of officers from the various districts. Each district was represented on the state board by their president and another district representative. The state board had its own set of bylaws which governed the state level activities. Due to mergers, acquisitions, and changes in the health care environment, District 4 made the decision in 2013 to discontinue their district status and merge with the central Nebraska district. In 2014, District 5 made a similar decision. As of 2014, there are only three districts in NONL. NONL has maintained its 501-(c)(3) status.