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The Center for Nursing Foundation is asking for all Nebraska Nurses’ Help

photo of license plate desigmATTENTION NEBRASKA NURSE LEADERS!
The Center for Nursing Foundation is asking for all Nebraska nurses to help by making a pre-sale commitment to purchase a license plate for your vehicle that advocates for our great Nursing profession. The email link is listed in the last bullet point. All you have to do is send an email to saying that you would like to receive an application for the license plate. We have a total of 43 commitments to date, but we need 250 commitments before the DMV will begin to make the license plates.

The Center for Nursing Foundation is the non-profit arm of the Center for Nursing which was created some years ago by our Nebraska Legislature to support the work of ensuring an adequate workforce for Nursing in the state of Nebraska. One of the recent initiatives of the Center has been to work with a consultant to build a Nursing Demand Model that will indicate the actual “demand” for nurses in the state compared to our “supply” information that we receive from licensure renewals each year. The Center for Nursing is asking every nurse to help raise funds for important work that the Center does for Nursing!  Please send your email to reserve a license plate & pass the word onto your nurse friends and family! ( Be sure to attach the flyer.)